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Pathology/Thyroid fine needle aspiration


QUESTION: FH: Mother: thyroid tx with radioactive iodine in 60"
   Father: Thyroid CA with mets to pancreates, stomach, liver ducts
HX: ultra sound found multi nodules with one susp.
   FNA on two nudules followed.
Results: background colloid, but also increased number of
   micro-follicles, extensive bloody background, occasional
   nuclear overlap, rare intranuclear inclusions. A follicular
   neoplasm cannot entirley be excluded......Subset of micro-
   follicles are pserved, moderate abundance of macrofollicle
   structures with some background colloid and no definitive
   nuclear grooves or inclusions.
Question: Should I get second opinion, surgical consult, or relax
   feel cancer free?          Thank you

ANSWER: Hello Peggy

This FNAC report does not conclusively confirm or rule out thyroid cancer. The features are of follicular neoplasm and most likely be a benign lesion like adenoma. However only way to confirm it is by surgical excision.

You may get a second opinion but the diagnosis is most likely going to be same.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Surgical excision of the nodules or the thyroid?

Hi again:

If the nodule is solitary and small then it will be removed with some of the normal thyroid (partial thyroid tomb). However if there are multiple small or larger nodules entire thyroid will be taken out. It is a small gland not much can be spared.


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