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Pathology/plasma color variation


Tanya Beaver wrote at 2007-06-09 08:21:30
Working for the Red Cross, we see green plasma and platelet apheresis quite often.  Whenever I ask, I've been told that the color is due to hormonal birth control.  In an internet search for a more specific answer, I have come up quite empty.

Jeremiah wrote at 2009-03-13 21:43:20
Your plasma color is reflective of your diet.  If your plasma is that orangish pinkish color, that reflects fat cells, but if it's a greyish green color, that's a good thing.  it reflects fruits and vegetables that are in your diet.  I was wondering that the other day when i was donating too, and the guy that was finishing me up told me that.

James wrote at 2009-05-03 02:24:58
I work for a plasma collection company.  Usually a greenish color is due to the taking of a birth control drug.

corazon wrote at 2010-12-30 21:14:28
Plasma can be have a green tint to it in some cases when a person has a pseudomonas infection (that is a type of bacteria). Pseudomonas has an enzyme called pyocyanin, that releases a green pigment, thus causing the plasma to be green.

Nicole wrote at 2011-10-05 02:23:51
As a plasma center phlebotomist I can tell you that yes, some people's plasma does come out a green color.  I'm not sure as to why though.  Usually, the green color appears mostly with women and so the rumor was always 'the woman is on birth control.' However, this has never been proven and I was actually looking for this answer when I came across this post.  

monica wrote at 2012-02-16 18:08:28
Hello, I work at a plasma donation center and have learned that a greenish color indicates high levels of estrogen, which can be caused from birth control. Hope this helps.

welma wrote at 2012-05-23 17:40:21
what if your not on birth control.. then wt is the reason why plasma would have a green tint

anon1234 wrote at 2012-09-05 20:37:33
Ever since i start dringing green tea regularly it has come out wit a greenissh tint. No Birdth control for me either although that is a standard answer.  I also am now regularly taking a vitamin supplement made of concentrated fruits and veggies.

anon1234 wrote at 2012-09-05 20:39:42
Ever since i start drinking green tea regularly it has come out with a greenish tint. No Birth control for me either although that is a standard answer for why it is green.  I also am now regularly taking a vitamin supplement made of concentrated fruits and veggies.

elena wrote at 2013-12-12 14:35:30
In 1968, Tovey and Lathe [1] reported units of strikingly green plasma identified to be from young married women; they found a blue precipitate which was subsequently identified as ceruloplasmin. Ceruloplasmin (an alpha-2 globulin) is the major copper-carrying protein in the blood and is also an acute phase reactant. When combined with the pigments that are responsible for the usual yellow color of plasma (bilirubin, carotenoids, and transferrin), this protein imparts a greenish hue to the plasma. Levels may be elevated with inflammatory states, e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, and in high-estrogen states, such as pregnancy and oral contraceptive use.

bloodtech wrote at 2014-05-05 02:16:53
Colour of plasma can be influenced by a number of things. Normal plasma can range from a golden colour, to a brighter straw colour, and a variety of shades in between.

Other colour varients can be caused be a range of factors some include:

Red: Often due to red cell contamination or haemolyis in the plasma.

Bright Yellow: Often due to consumption of vitamin B (energy drinks will often produce this effect).

Brown/dark yellow: Can indicate liver problems, a build up of biliverdin in the plasma.

Green: This is most commonly seen in women taking oral contraceptive, the contraceptive hormones induce production of a protein complex that has a high copper ion content, which can tint the plasma greenish. This can also be attributed to biliverdin levels again.

Orange: can be again blood or haemolysis occuring in the plasma, at lower levels, or it could be high concentrations of vitamin A.  

renee wrote at 2014-09-13 17:37:06
i have green plasma.  i am not on birth control nor do i drink green tea and i take no medications.  i was hoping to find the answer to the green plasma question here......

RaeLynn wrote at 2014-10-26 14:49:50
As a plasma collection center employee, we have always been told birth control is the cause.  

As a plama donor, I have noticed that when I take more iron supplements the color becomes "greener" or more intense/darker.  I've been donating for years and in that time I've used different forms of birth control and varied my diet. I'm convinced the iron supplements will cause it to turn out that way, even when I'm not on the birth control.

elRAM wrote at 2015-10-15 17:59:37
Dark yellow or brown means high levels of caffeine in diet

Pink or red means high levels of fat in diet

Green means high levels of sugar or fruits and veggies in diet

kritter wrote at 2015-11-17 02:15:38
i had my first greenish plasma donation today and since i am a 60 male and since i have been trying to eat the leftover holloween candy before the kids do, i thought it was because of high chocolate consumption.

KasuKaze wrote at 2016-06-05 06:43:32
Today I donated and my plasma came out green and no pink. Usually it's both. I've heard rumors of the cause being birth control, but I've never taken any. The pink was gone and I was told I'm eating better too. Through Google I find that it's the presence of estrogen, or arthritis... And I am a female with no arthritis :)

vjrvjr wrote at 2016-10-25 03:37:44
I used to donate plasma about 10 years ago and noticed that my plasma was always greenish compared to other donors.  My home has cold great tasting well water, but the old old copper pipes  turned the sink greenish where water dripped. I wondered if copper from the water pipes made my plasma green.  I have started donating plasma again and have been drinking bottled spring water for 20 months now and my plasma is dark straw colored.  No birth control or hormone replacement or related medications.  


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