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Jonzy wrote at 2008-10-14 20:53:50

You asked this question a long time ago, so maybe you've found the answer by now but the film you are looking for does indeed star Gregory Peck and is called 'Billy Two Hats'.

There's a trailer for the movie on the aol video site which shows the scene itself.

Terry wrote at 2008-12-05 13:39:52
I remember the scene as Gregory Peck riding away from the ranch and asking his sidekick if all of the guns in the ranch had been disabled. The young man replied, sure, all of them except that antique over the fireplace. At about a 1,000 years from the ranch Pecks horse disappeared from under him. Can't remember the title of the movie.

Terry wrote at 2012-07-02 04:02:09
I may be able to help with your question: I remember seeing a movie with Gary Cooper to where he would always spit and put it on the end of the rifle before he fired, and it always worked. The movie may have been centered around Civil War times. The movie may have been "Annie Oakley". Jean Arthur may have played Annie Oakley's part. She was a sharp shooter too and never missed a target. Could it have been a Randolph Scott movie? I think the scene that you are talking about- yes, it was 2 men in a cabin, but they may have been chained up or had hand cuffs on and both men were trying to get them off, which they did and then went after the 2 bad guys. Does this help?

Jonzy wrote at 2012-11-09 16:09:28
Sorry Terry. Despite your well-meaning recollections and, regardless of what the (not so) expert on Gregory Peck wrote in her original answer, the movie still stars Gregory Peck (as Don Fort's father suggested) and is still called 'Billy Two Hats'. The whole movie is now on You Tube (type in Billy Two Hats). The scene in question starts at 25:00.

Peck, Gregory

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