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Ola Vay wrote at 2008-04-26 20:26:21
There is no doubt in my mind Gregory was a human who did the best he knew at the moment.  Often it is easy for any of us to look at celebrity's life in the hopes of understanding and thus gaining experience from a spectator's pov.  The problem and solution is to understand Gregory was human, and as a celebrity took upon himself to take an incredible journey, his lifetime.  Part of the beauty of humanity is its frailty, but the most intriguing conflicts we all take on in the choices we make.  All of it becomes memory no good no bad, just memory.

"mother" theresa wrote at 2014-05-06 20:00:55
Elizabeth, did you actually KNOW Jonathan Peck?  I was with him when we were both young and in Peace Corps/Tanzania together, and in love. Jonathan had a lot of problems even then.  He did have very mixed emotions about his famous Dad.  I read recently that his stepbrother, Anthony Peck, said his Dad was great and "Atticus Finch".  Well, Jon's dad was more like Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.  At least to Jonathan, the oldest of the 3 sons.

Mr. Peck was a stern, strict disciplinarian as in hitting his kids with a belt, (common in our time though it was) and overbearing in Jonathan's eyes.  He also had the additional burden of living up to his father's image, which, we all know, is not possible.  His brother Stephen did his own thing and went into the Marines and later and currently devotes himself to helping his former Vietnam Vets and other vets.  But the point is Jonathan was the first born male son AND he was very sensitive..his grandma showed me a photo of him once as a little boy and he looked totally sweet and without any he was missing an outer skin or some defense.  Of course that made women love him as an adult, and he was a notorious womanizer..caused a lot of pain in his day.  i loved him without reserve because I was young and very innocent.  i didnt know how NOT to.  he confided in me (called me "Earth Mother") some of the events of his can decide on the parenting skills....  The family was having dinner at their mom's home (post divorce from GP), Jonathan who was over 18 yrs at the time, said hell or damn (cant recall which one now) and his father reached over and bloodied his nose at the table.  Hmm...not exactly Atticus Finch, eh?  Jon also said that GP would take on the character of the person he was playing and his personality was very unpredictable back then....he was Captain Ahab when he made Moby Dick...  I am not trying to trash Mr. Peck Sr....parenting was different then, but it did affect Jonathan (apparently differently than his brothers) badly back then because of who he was and his nature.  Later, to GP's credit,he learned to be a GREAT DAD to Anthony and Cecilia, jON'S half siblings.  Jon told me that but it made him all the more resentful because he and his brothers were not treated like Anthony and Cecilia.  I tried to help Jon in the early 1970's (I was at Berkeley studying psychotherapy then) when I saw where he was going with himself, but he could not receive that help.  he told me that in the previous year, he had attempted to shoot himself and the gun did not go off. For a short period he said "I just was glad to live..."  but it didn't last.  As for serious health problems, arteriorsclerosis is not an indicator of suicide...(I remember he did have a flu like ailment at one point or even "mono")mental health issues are.  That is not to say it is GP's fault.  Jon's ability to slough off that burden was just not there.  Although he did love me as a young woman,

he still screwed around with lots of others.  The first time he got wounded by love was when he was dating a woman who was really depressed,(early 1970's) didnt enjoy making love, etc etc.  He loved who he couldn't have or please.  That got to him.  He once told me that he could feel only comfortable if a woman didnt love him, because he didn't love himself.  I read that in a letter he sent in Africa and I thought "oh no, then he wont go on living."  It is sad that he didn't.    I got back together with him a while after his depressed girlfriend committed suicide (early 70's).

I still loved him, he claimed to love me too then, but he still had the same sexual addiction, ie, to other women.  He enjoyed letting you know about it too.

I had to let go or lose my own mind.   I spoke to him on the phone a few times after that, and I learned that he dated an atty and she did break up with him because he wasn't "spending enough time with her", he said.  That got his attention...women did NOT reject him, he rejected them.   So you see he was complicated and had his own issues in addition to an abusive childhood, although, as I said earlier, hitting kids with straps etc. was very common in the 1940's and 1950's, so it was called "discipline" instead of abusive behavior.  My own family was no different.  I could go on but don't want to bore you to tears.  BTW, one other thing that Jonathan resented was that although he had to always be "gregory peck's son", his father would not let him have the money and perks that "hollywood kids" did have back he was a famous guy's son, but he didn't have the money etc that people expected from him.  got it coming and going.  but so did Cary

(i never met him but assume it) and Stephen (who I did meet a couple of times but dont know) and they took their own paths in life and seem to be ok/happy. Steve married 3 times , but

so does everyone nowadays, and I think Cary also, not sure.  But they lead decent productive lives.  Rest in Peace Jonathan and your dad.  

Peck, Gregory

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