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My son is almost fourteen years old. I would like to know until what age can a pediatric dentist see him?  To this day the same pediatric dentist has seen him but this current visit to the dentist a general dentist saw him.  He found three cavity's in the following teeth 2 (o), 31 (o), 15 (OL).  the cavity's don't come up on the x-ray but he says he can tell because of the instrument he uses on the teeth to do the exam.  I would like to know if this is possible and if it guaranteed to work.  Also if you would recommend me to stay with the pediatric dentist of go with the general dentist?  Waiting for your answer, Thank you for your help.

Those teeth come in at about 12 to 13 years of age. If they were not sealed that may have caries in the groves requiring restorations. Most Pediatric dentist can see kids up to age 18, but some elect to see only younger children. These teeth can be filled with a white filling and then a seal placed on to to protect the remaining tooth surface. Cavities in the groves usually are not seen in xrays unless very large.If done properly should work out great! Best Wishes

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