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My granddaughter is 18 months old. She has caries and needs her front 4 upper teeth pulled. Since she is so young what problems might she have with her permanent teeth when they try to come in a few years?  It's hard to believe those teeth will be able to track into the correct places easily after so much time has passed. I am so concerned but my son says because of HIPAA I cannot ask their dentist any questions.

To have the baby teeth removed in front will not produce any problems with future development of the permanent teeth. If the new teeth were to be crowded they still will. If they were to have enough room the also will be fine. Sometimes speech will be a little delayed but only for a short time and self corrects. The front teeth can be replaced with a flipper (artificial teeth) once the second molars erupt for cosmetics if you wish but is not necessary. As far as the HIPPA that is correct unless your son adds you to the list at the doctors office as a person who is able to discuss treatment on your granddaughter. Best Wishes

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