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Gray Teeth
Gray Teeth  
My daughter went in to have a cavity filled at the beginning of October.  About three weeks later, her cheek puffed up significantly and she was complaining of jaw pain.  I got her back into the dentist early the next morning, and he said he wasn't surprised because the original cavity was so deep.  So she started ten days on antibiotics, then went back in for a pulpectomy.  The pulpectomy was a disaster...she was under conscious sedation with Versed, but she still felt the novocaine shots, and she was pretty much done with the whole thing after those.  The dentist had taken out the old filling, and by this time he was frustrated, so he just filled the hole (no medication or anything) and told me to keep an eye on it.  Now it's three weeks later, she's complaining of jaw pain again, there's a bubble about the size of the tip of my pinky on the outside of her gum, the gum is really swollen, and the teeth are turning dark gray really fast.  I know this is caused by the blood supply dying, but are her permanent teeth going to be ruined?  Will these have to be pulled, or will a pulpectomy still be doable?  Is her bone material going to be compromised by the infection?

I would have to see the xrays to determine if the roots are in good shape to save the tooth. If they are a pulpectomy would work.  If the roots are not healthy then the tooth should be extracted and a spacer placed.  As long as the infection is kept under control the permanent teeth should be fine.  Make sure your child sees a pediatric dentist not a general dentist.  If has a swelling on the side of the tooth needs a stronger antibiotics. Versed is a very short acting sedation meds and can make a very upset child during the sedation.  Other medications can work longer and have better results. Best wishes

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