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Hi there, our daughter is 21 months old and seems to have very delayed tooth development.  Her first teeth were her upper lateral incisors at about 13 months, she then got her upper central incisors a month or so later, she then developed one lower central incisor on the right hand side, followed promptly by both her upper and lower first molars.  She still has no other incisors at the bottom, just one lone tooth.  Though it seems she may be teething the gums are not particularly swollen and I can't see obvious white telling signs.  Behind her singular lower incisor it is quite bulgy, and it does appear that finally a tooth may be coming through.  My concern is that this may be trapped by the one already present and that the emerging one may displace the already present one. Or that it may erupt behind the existing one. We are going to see the dental nurse next week, but any information you could pass on would be greatly appreciated, as we have started to feel like it is rather odd, and maybe there is a problem other than slow development.  Also of interest would be advice as to whether you think we should bypass the dental nurse and go straight to the specialist. Thank you in advance for your time.

Unusual eruption patterns are very common to see in this area.As long as the tooth color and shape is normal I would not have any concern. The teeth will move once erupted if not in alignment from the beginning. We do not do braces on baby teeth so that is not an option. I would recommend that the child sees a pediatric dentist to do a full exam as recommended by The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry by the age of 12 months. If any teeth are missing we cannot make them form. We will wait to see a little later if any permanents are missing which can be dealed with. The Pediatric Dentist will evaluate the whole mouth for any decay or pathology to assure you your child has a health mouth. Best Wishes

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