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Hi, hope for your insight.  My daughter just had her 6 month dental cleaning/check up.  She has never had a cavity. It was strongly suggested we consider sealants on her four permanent molars.  We were told these molars have deep crevices and pits along with thin enamel spots.  Sealent they want to use is Ultraseal Plus by Ultradent.  Have done some research and read this brand does not have BPA but does use a product were trace amounts of BPA is a by product.  Suggested the dentist wipes off the teeth after it is applied to wash away excess possible BPA.  Also read a lot of negative such as, children do not need sealants, waste of money, toxic etc.  What is your opinion of this product and sealants for a child who has molars wirh deep crevices and thin enamel.  Thank you very much for your time!

Dear Kate,

In my practice, we use sealants to protect permanent molars on a daily basis.  If a sealant is applied correctly, it should last a very long time.  Sealants have been used for over 30 years and I believe they are safe to use.  We use both types of sealant material in our practice and my own children have sealants.

I am not familiar with Ultraseal Plus, however, we use many products from Ultradent and they are a reputable dental product company.

It is always the parents decision regarding any treatment on their children. Most parents in my practice opt for sealants.

Glen Ehrenman DDS

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