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QUESTION: Thank you so very much for being available to answer our questions. We are most appreciative.

My son is thrilled to have lost his two upper front teeth. However, though the first has grown in, the second one has only grown in about halfway. I have checked, and it does not appear to be hitting the tooth next to it [not yet]

Is this reason for concern, or am i being over-reactive? I would appreciate any information, insight, and guidance you would be willing to provide us.

Thank you again for being there. It is so kind of you to offer your time and knowledge.

ANSWER: it is not unusual for one tooth to grow in faster then the other. This is seen often. it takes up to 24 months for full eruption. Just make sure he goes to see his Pediatric dentist twice a year and he can monitor the development.

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QUESTION: thank you for your response. i just want to clarify what you said in terms of taking 24 months for full eruption.

It appears that the tooth has temporarily stopped erupting, as i said, about halfway down.

The tooth fell out about 7 months, and I would say for the last week or so, it has not seemed to descend at all. At the risk of having you reiterate, are you saying that this development appears to be how you have witnessed permanent teeth erupting?

Thank you for the clarification and reassurance.

it can take several months for a tooth to erupt, you should follow with a pediatric dentist to monitor the growth. It is hard for a parent to evaluate eruption seeing the tooth everyday. again if the dentist has concern he can take a film to evaluate the eruption

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