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Hello Doctor,
My son born on 28/3/2012 with clift lip. he is around now 1 year 6 month. he has got first tooth during after his first bday. later during may he got two more teeth. two down and one up tooth he has now. after may june he didnt not got any tooth.. is there any changes of not coming or is there is a delay in growing.What i have to do now? Much worried because all his age group toddlers have teeth. And how to take care of his three teeth always his mouth smells a lot. how to clean his mouth and tongue.

I can understand your worries. The child with cleft lip with involvement of alveolus may have problems like delayed eruption of teeth, less or more number of teeth, changes in position of teeth. however, chances of these problems in child with cleft lip only are minimal. These children have higher chances of decay and gums problems. all these problems are treatable, only thing you need to consult pediatric dentist/orthodontist regularly.

I will suggest you that wait for the unerupted teeth and clean the erupted teeth with supersoft baby brush without any toothpaste. After everyfeed clean the mouth even in the night. The cleaning can be done either with toothbrush or give lukewarm water in the bottle or with a clean wet cloth. if possible use a toungecleaner. you can visit pediatric dentist nearby you to demonstrate how to clean. if any further doubt, you can post your doubt again.

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