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Dear Dr.Saxe,
We got fillings of three baby molars two on bottom rights and one on top right (next to the 6 year permanent molar) in October 2013. Last month, there was a boil/bubble on the gums of the bottom one next to the permanent molar. The root was dead and we got it extracted (I took an opinion from you regarding that). Now barely a month after that, the top one has a boil/bubble on the gum and again the doctor said that her root is dead and we will probably have to get it extracted after checking it in a week. In the meantime she will use Amoxicillin. He did not offer a reason as to my her teeth are developing infection after filling. These were not deep fillings either. The other tooth which is not infected yet is the one with deeper filling and it seems to be doing fine.

I do not understand why the filled teeth are getting infected like that. Is it common for a filled teeth to be infected? I have never heard before. Is it because some teeth are more susceptible to infection due to a foreign particle or could it be because of the negligence by the doctor?

Your advise and information on this will be very much appreciated.

I can attach the X-ray, if it is needed.

Thanks you for very much for your time.

Baby teeth can have large pulp chambers, and may have what are called pulp horns which are tiny microscopic extensions of the nerve. These can sometimes be exposed during preparation of a filling and can make the tooth die. Also white filling are more traumatizing to the pulpal tissues over silver fillings. Not sure what kind you had done.

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