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My son is 15 years old, it has been a week since I took him to the dentist, and the x-ray showed that he had a cavity inside tooth number 18 and 19.  Number 19 already has a filling on it, but the cavity is under the feeling. Number 18 is a new cavity, its not noticable on the surface, but it is noticable on the x-ray. I dont know how thats possible because the tooth looks healthy.  The cavity its not between the tooth. Can you give me an explanation. The 19 is already filling with silver but I would like would like to fix with white now on both tooth. Thank you.

The grooves of the tooth can have a microscopic opening for decay that can open under the enamel of the tooth and produce a large cavity only visible on the xray. Fillings can also leak over time and do the same. An xray is the only way to see this type of common decay. You can replace with white with no problems. Best Wishes

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