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Pediatric Dentistry/yellow spot on front permanent tooth on my 7 year old


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QUESTION: Hello, my daughter's permanent teeth are coming out and she has yellow spots on two of her front teeth. Why might that be, and is there anything I can do to prevent these spots on her other teeth? I have attached two pictures of her teeth. Thank you!

ANSWER: Hello Nevin

Thanks for your query.
Dear, we dentist call these teeth as Turners hypoplasia. If Turner's hypoplasia is found in the front area of the mouth, the most likely cause is a traumatic injury to the milk teeth. The traumatized milk tooth is pushed into the developing tooth underneath it and consequently affects the formation of enamel.

So, no need to worry if there was history of previous trauma to front teeth because others teeth would be fine.
You can use TOOTHMOUSSE cream from GC. You need to apply this twice daily, once just before going to sleep so that effect remains for whole night. Cosmetic treatment can be done later on.
You can consult for further query if any.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer Dr. Mittal. She did in fact experience a trauma to one of her upper teeth when she was about 3 years old. I will assume it was the one in the picture as I do not recall exactly. I do not, however, remember her having any injury to any of her lower teeth, and one of her lower teeth has a similar discoloration, and it is not the one that meets the injured upper tooth (it can be seen on the first picture somewhat, it is the tooth that is on the back). The lower tooth that meets the discolored upper tooth does not have any discoloration. So far she has 3 of her permanent teeth, and two of them are discolored. Could there be any other reasons for this, and would the recommended treatment still be the same? Thank you very much!

Dear Nevin
Thanks for your query.
Multiple other reasons are also there. In your CASE, THE pics and history points towards trauma only.
Actually you can understand that when trauma occurs it affects soft tissues as well as any number of front teeth also. It cannot be localized to single tooth. Yes, one tooth may be severly affected while others may be mild.
Another thing is whatever may be the cause treatment remains the same.
You can consult for further query if any.  

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