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Red Bump
Red Bump  
My 5 year old daughter has a BB sized, red bump on her upper gum line where the third molar would be. She said that she has no pain. There is no swelling to the area, or cheek, just the bump. There is no tooth decay on the surrounding teeth. There is no puss or sign of infection. What could it be?

Hi Valerie;

It is very hard to determine what actually is going on with your daughter. There are three

possibilities that are the most obvious:

1.  It could be an irritation from a toothbrush or something that poked her in the area.

2.  It could be an irritation from eating something very hot.

3.  It could be her permanent first molar erupting behind the last baby molar and the tooth is starting to poke through the gum tissue.  This usually occurs around six years of age on average. Some children are earlier.

I would suggest you see a pediatric dentist if this area doesn't heal up in the near future.


Dr. Glen

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