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My daughter is 15 months old. She drinks her milk from a sippy cup and she drinks her water throughout the day in a straw cup. However in order to get her to sleep without an hours long struggle I give her a bottle with about 4 ounces of plain water in it to help her fall asleep for nap and bedtime. She usually drinks about 2 ounces of it then falls asleep and I take it away from her and lay her down. How much harm to her teeth would that cause? She's never taken a pacifier, she's always refused. I know the main harm in still using a bottle at this age is if the bottlr is filled with milk or juice and it causing cavities that way. Would having a bottle at this age cause any overbite issues? I'm finding limited information on this. Thanks in advance for your response!

You are right that the main harm in using a bottle at this age is if the bottlr is filled with milk or juice and it causing cavities that way.  No  overbite issues would be with a bottle at this age as used for nap and bedtime. She is too young to discourage the habit. Its harmful if practiced for longer duration and frequently in the day. short duration and once or twice does not cause harm to teeth. Bottle should be weaned by 2 -3 years. So, presently dont worry. Good Wishes.

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