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Hello - my daughter lost her 2 top front teeth in Dec 2013. The first one appeared 1 year later in December 2014. The second one has still not appeared? So that is now 18months. If I press her gum I can see the tooth.
Her dentist doesn't seem too concerned & will review again in early September.
If the tooth has still not appeared in September, please can you advise possible reason why this has not happened? Dentist seemed a bit reluctant to x-ray, but I think in September I will need to insist that she does xray.
Any information you can provide will be gratefully received.

Kind regards

thanks for referral.
I suppose you are asking about upper central incisor teeth. Their usual time of eruption is 7-8 years plus minus 6 months. Also, if One of the central incisor erupted; and other one doesn't come out within 6 months then one must go for x-ray. So, i think your dentist must go for x-ray in September to rule out any hinderence in tooth eruption and ensure normal tooth development. At present, your dentist might be expecting the normal eruption  with clinical examination and you can wait for 3 months without any worry.
If you want to know anything more, you are welcome.  

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