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Pediatrics/Four month old infant with bowel movement issues


DR. MOM wrote at 2008-05-31 22:18:21
A baby who is in this much pain and discomfort should definitely be taken seriously! I doubt that this is a "behavioral" issue. Ridiculous. This baby is in PAIN, and if her doctor refuses to do the work to diagnose and treat this child's pain, see someone who will!

It angers me to see other Pediatricians so calm when a child is suffering. You doctor needs a wake up call, and losing a patient is a good way to give him one.

PLEASE see an other doctor, don't disrespect the other doctor (in case they know each other, also some of my colleagues tend to be unhelpful if a patient or a patient's parent have "refused to follow orders" with a previous doctor.) But, simply say that your baby is still in pain, to the new doctor, bring the charts and reports and make sure the child is treated.

I have seen some patients who have had to see half a dozen doctors before they get the help for themselves or their children that they need. One clue to knowing you need to change Peds is when he says to you "Trust me." And YOUR judgment says what he is saying is not ringing true. A physician should always EXPLAIN to a patient the course of treatment, and this baby's doctor is worse, he won't explain and he won't TREAT. That is Medical Negligence, and at least in the US, a doctor can lose his or her license for this behavior.

Please see someone else, and when you reach a diagnosis (as this is one of those situations where it is impossible to tell what is wrong with the baby over the Internet) think about what to do about your child's previous suffering, and perhaps, when she is again well, talk to someone about having the MEDICAL ERROR corrected via the Medical Board your previous doctor belonged to.

In other words, your child is suffering due to medical neglect. NO good doctor lets this happen. Doctors who do SHOULD answer to their governing body.

I hope you can soon find a con doctor who will not ignore a baby in pain.

Good luck.  

gavin seeley wrote at 2009-07-15 00:41:54
Hi sarah,

   I was wonder what has happened. I have a simaular problem with my son but is not in as mcuh pain. He is almost 5 months and has yet to have a sold bowel movement and we also tested for hirschsprungs disease and has come up negative. I would love to hear what has happened.. thanks gavin

Yvonne wrote at 2012-12-28 22:24:35
You may have already heard this remedy; but you can stimulate the muscles by inserting a thermometer in the rectum.  I had the same problem.  My baby will go days without making a bowel movement.  This worked like a charm.  The doctor said it should resolve itself in time.  


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