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Pediatrics/7 yr old son with fever for 2 +weeks


jflorestsalan wrote at 2013-04-01 04:25:27
My daughter had the same symptoms for 5 years when she was 5 she was diagnosed with renal reflux and had a reimplementation surgury done. When she was diagnosed she had a renal abscess that was discovered on catscan that mysteriously disappeared shortly after unfortunately because she was misdisgnosed for so long her right kidney is severely scared. They always told me it was viral infections for years she would have high fevers that would come and go and flank pain. UA would show wbc but culture was negative or neg ua so no culture sent. So many Undiagnoised urinary tract infections and kidney infections scared her kidney. Ask for a vcug and a dsma. Bottom line a mother knows best. If you think there is something wrong there is something wrong.


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