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Pediatrics/Missing uvula?


Della wrote at 2016-05-07 03:02:52
When my daughter was born she was missing her uvula. I remember that the midwives had looked at her mouth and throat and one of the midwives hesitated when she looked at it but then she didn't really know, or say that there was anything wrong. I was breastfeeding but the baby started losing weight. She was getting some milk but, when we when to the doctor for her check-up a few days later they saw the missing uvula. She had to be in the hospital for and few days. So I was taught how to feed her with a special bottle. I already had two children that had been breastfed and knew all about that, but they didn't even tell me that I could use a breast pump to feed her and, now I wish they had because mothers milk is way better for baby than formula. She was always spitting up with the formula. She had a wonderful doctor that fixed her throat. She is now flute player and teacher and a very good one. She has perfect Speech also.  So it is important because it will affect the child's speech and also they can have problems with ear infections. She had to have tubes in her ears later as as she grew older. She never had fever so, I didn't even know she had any ear infections. At one of her check-ups they said she had scar tissue. So it is probable that a baby with this needs to be watched for things like this.  


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