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Our child was diagnosed with PDD-NOS just before 3 years old. With a variety of therapies, he has done exceedingly well. Our pediatric neurologist was even willing to remove his PDD-NOS diagnosis. The only area he struggles in now is self-regulation/self-calming. Most of the time even this is not a problem. And this is our question and what has puzzled us for 3 years now - about every month and a half he will have a period of about 1 week were he is just completely out of sorts (cannot self-regulate, is aggressive - hitting, kicking, throwing things, and just irritable). Things he can usually handle fine and normally are too much for him to cope with and he displays a fight response.

It seems to go beyond simple sensory issues, and more like there is an underlying medical problem we have not been able to solve yet that is causing this especially since it has a cycle and he functions normally outside of this time period. What sort of things could cause a 1-2 month cycle like this? (i.e. allergies, sleep problems, etc.)? What kind of tests should be done for him?

Thank you for your help.

Hi, sylvia,

I can't think of anything medical that can cause such a cycle.  I would have to think that the cycle is coincidence, but I may be wrong.  This is something that your neurologist would be far better equipped to answer than I.  

Sorry I can't be of more help to you, Dr. Olson


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