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Dear Oslon,

First let me tell you about my daughter. She is 7 months old now and is always difficult to feed. She was exclusively breastfed until 5 months, but after the start of the 5th month, we began giving her baby cereals,yogurt and rice porridge. She always refuses bottle-feed. Also she is not gaining weight. At present she weights exactly 6 kg (she was born with 2.95 kg). She looks pale and white and is anemic (haemoglobin is 9.3 last month). We are giving her multivitamins (becadex drops and mumfer drops). But no weight gain. She still fights with whatever food she is being fed.

Last month, she had blood streaks in her stool. It was greenish, and with mucus. She also vomitted twice and the last time she vomitted, she had blood streaks in her vomit too. Two weeks after that, she got fever and some skin rash; but with C-fol antibiotic, she seems okay for the time being. Now no skin rash and fever, but occasionally she still has blood in stool. We've also changed the formula milk to a hypoallergenic one - one that does not contain gluten or cow's milk protein. However, even after this change, there is no progress!

Question; (1) What could this be?

(2) Also, what is the best type of baby food? Are these okay to give a 7-month baby: pomegranate juice, egg white, porridge containing maize flour, oat?

Hi, Mohamed,

In general with healthy babies at 7 months, I give them everything except milk and honey.  There is no good evidence that restricting foods after 6 months makes any difference.  

Your baby needs to be seen by a gastroenterologist, hopefully a pediatric one, although these may be few and far between where you live.  The fever and blood streaks might have been a viral or bacterial intestinal infection.  The continued blood in the stool needs to be evaluated, with blood work and perhaps some imaging studies to rule out bleeding lesions.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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