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My ten year old son had three episdodes of strep throat in a row last spring. He received amoxicillin for the first two rounds (I think 750mg total per day the first time, then 1600mg the second time) and then he was put on Omnicef (500mg per day). The Omnicef did the trick. We are in the middle of a hurricane now, so when my son started complaining this morning that he had a lump in his throat, I took him to an urgent care facility near our house. The doctor said his culture was "gross positive" and prescribed Ceftin,since my son didn't respond to amoxicillin last spring and since the weather is so severe we might not be able to get to a doctor if he gets worse. The dose seems a little high to me. He is getting tablets that I have to cut in half and put in applesauce (if we lose power I can't refrigerate his medicine). He is supposed to take a 500 mg tablet two times a day for 10 days. I am also giving him a Culturelle probiotic (and yogurt, as long as we can use our fridge). He weighs 75 pounds. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi, Rita,

Hope things are OK with you and your family with the storm.  We here in northern Michigan are even experiencing the edge of this massive storm, with high winds, rain, sleet and snow.  Our thoughts are with you.

When kids reach 75-80#, we generally give adult doses of the meds.  This is appropriate.  The culturelle is an excellent addition to help lessen the chances of antibiotic associated diarrhea.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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