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QUESTION: Respected sir,
my son is 6 months old and his thyroid profile report is as follows (as on 26/10/2012)
FT3 4.31
FT4 1.05
TSH 8.33

Please advise me whether it will become normal with time or some medication is required. Neither his mother nor I am having thyroid problem. please guide us.

with regards

ANSWER: Hi Vivek,

Your son would need the medication. Please consult your pediatrician and start treatment immediately, as any delay would hamper his growth and development.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

when this test was done, he (my son) was suffering from fever and was on medicines from 4 days (medicines : T98, Cefolac, Zemin 20, Bacigyl and Pro-B). Is it possible that test results may not be correct due to medicines? Should I go for repeat test? If yes, after how many days as he is stil taking Zemin 20 upto 02/11/2012. Also, I read on internet that values of TSH and (FT3,FT4) are inversely proportional but in our case FT3 as well as TSH levels are on higher side, so it is not clear to me whether result indicates hyper or hypothyroidism. Please help us with your advice
with regards

Hi Vivek,

All these medicines have no effect on TSH values. There is no need to repeat the tests. Monitoring and repeating the tests would be required after you start the medicine as per the doctor's advice.

Medicine is a complex medicine, more complex than rocket science. Unlike rocket science, medicine is not mathematical. You can try to construct a rocket in your backyard but never try to self-diagnose/ self treat your child or yourself by reading from the net. The more you surf, the more confused (and possibly stressed) you are likely to be.

Your son has hypothyroidism. Please consult your pediatrician, trust him/ her and start treatment as advised. Delay can potentially lead to irreversible damage, as thyroid is a vital hormone for physical growth as well as brain development.

Best wishes,
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka,
New Delhi, India



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