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My Daughter is 5 yrs we live in St Louis Missouri.She woke with 103F  Fever on 9th Oct,No any symptoms at all She had good Appetite ,was active dint complain about any pain.I gave her tylenol and motrin she was fine and went to school next day.And again the same situation repeated on 18th of Oct,We took her to her pediatrician.She checked and said she couldnt find anything wrong and just checked her WBC count.And the results came back normal(it was 9.5).the fever came down the same day because of Tylenol and Motrin. Now again today night(23rd oct) she is having a temperature of 100.8.I am worried. She is very active during day ,but when she is about to sleep her temperature goes up and she is restless.What should we do ? is it something serious.Please advise

Hi, Mary,

If her doctor saw her and felt nothing serious was happening, then she probably has some recurrent viral illness, as a result of school exposure.  These aren't the type of illness that we really worry a lot about, fortunately.  

Good luck, dR. Olson


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