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Pediatrics/swelling over neck on 9 month old daughter


dear was a query i asked to another expert but he is not available for my followup q..pls suggest me...

my daughter is 9 month old she has got a nodule/hard swelling  over her left clavicle medial side which is movable,also she has congenital sinus on the same place which doctor says not to worry,do i need to see some expert??
a doctor from ur panel told me if the swelling is red i must consult sm doctor,i went to a pead.but he said just apply betadin over it and it will be needed to give antibiotics if the swlling contains some liquid(but its hard nodule) i m worried because some times it enlarges and becomes red and sometimes its just the pin pressed like flat sinus...its happening since one month...pls help me...i am realy worried..
also i have given her homoeopathy t/t,tht doctor also told me not to worry.. (

it. Is like a sinus that is getting infected. Infection of sinus causes such nodes that are small and mobile. When the nodes are painful or red it is likely to be infected. This will go on as long as sinus there. Complete cure is done by a simple sirgery called.excision of sinus.


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