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Pediatrics/10 mo old gags when laid down for bed


Hi Dr.Olson,
For the past couple of nights, if I lay my son down to put hiself to bed he gags on seemingly nothing. But if i lay him down after he's already asleep he's fine.
Today he developed a runny nose so I took the gagging to be the mucus draining in his throat but it seemed strange that it was only at night. Then I thought maybe indigestion?
Im scared to have him sleep in his own bed because of this so he's been in our bed for a week.
I asked his doctor and he said that he's gagging on spit but that didn't seem right because he never did before.
Any idea of what it could be? Should I be concerned about him in his sleep?

Hi, Brittany,

I would wonder if he has some GERD, acid reflux, symptoms.  This can occur at any time in ones life and is more common when one is ill with something like a cold.  Kids this age can vomit and will do fine.  He won't choke to death.  He can handle this well.  

Explore with your doctor this possibility,

Good luck, dr. Olson


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