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My daughter is 16months old and still not sleeping through the night. I have watched her as she falls asleep, she will literally rouse herself and sit up or start singing, just to keep from falling back to sleep- even during the middle of the night!
She is a very light sleeper and she has been teething since she was 2 months old- she now has 16 teeth so I know the teething is part of what wakes her up during the night.
Do you have any recommendations to help her give it up and go to sleep and stay asleep?

Hi, Melinda,

Most kids who don't stay asleep have a problem with last waking memory, the situation we find ourselves in when we fall asleep.  Most kids this age with this sleep issue fall asleep in the presence of their parents and then need to have the parents back when they wake up to fall again to sleep.  Kids wake up for countless reasons and the good sleeper, who know how to fall asleep on their own without a parent present, simply go back to sleep.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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