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Pediatrics/high eosinophils in a 3 month old


Hello Dr. Olson. My 3 months old breast fed baby had a CBC where eosinophils count was 12 as opposed to maximum 5-7% and esr 15 mm/hr. i believe all the other parameters were normal. Also about a month ago we noticed a bump on his leg, that doesn't bother him. We live oversees and our pediatrician sent us to a surgeon who eventually sent us to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist suspected that the bump was an allergic reaction. We were prescribed to take antihistamine but I still worry if we are overlooking a more serous problem. What would you recommend we do? Is it worth doing the allergy test to find out exactly what he is allergic to? Could it be my diet? Could it be no allergy at all? Or maybe the results I've mentioned are really ok for a 3 month old and I shouldn't worry. Thank you.

Hi, Diana,

Allergy testing is fraught with many problems, especially in someone who is 3 month old.  No really reliable testing can be done at this age.  High eos generally are associated with allergies or parasitic infections, depending on which part of the world you are living.  They also can be a normal finding in an absolutely healthy baby.  I sounds like your baby is well and if this is the case, I wouldn't worry about this.

Good luck, Dr. Olson  


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