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Pediatrics/high globuline and Bun/Creatinine levels


QUESTION: Hi Doctor Olson

My 11 year old boy has suffered frequent abdominal pain and dizzy. The test results showed high levels of globulin and BUN / creatinine. I am very worried because I've read about it is not good.

ANSWER: Hi, Nereida,

I need much more information about this before I can answer your question.  What tests have been done?  What does your doctor think?  What type of "globulin"?  Are you referring to the BUN and creatinine, two kidney function tests, or the BUN/creatinine ratio?  

Happy to help but need more information re history and tests that have been done.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: two weeks ago he suffered a dizzy at school and take him to the pediatrician. She sent him to do routine tests, CBC, urine analysis, CMP, thyroid test and sugar. Yesterday I delivered the results and reflect the range of CMP Bun / creatinine 26.98, the level Globuline 4.50 and A / G ratio at 0.93. Everything else is in their recommended levels. Until now,  he is completely healthy and has no condition. The doctor will not be in his office this week so anxiety is betraying me.

Hi, Nereida,

These blood results have no bearing on the dizzy spell.  Generally blood tests are not useful in this type of situation.  We would more consider history in making the diagnosis:  breakfast or not, was he sick in any way, was this a sudden change from sitting to standing that caused the "dizziness".  Is it really being dizzy or lightheaded?  These are important distinctions to make.  The lab tests are not significant and nothing to worry about.

Good luck, dr. Olson


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