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Good Day to You. Hope you are fine. I am from Karachi Pakistan. I would like to have your kind expertise in matter of my 3 yr old Son name Abu Bakr. Recently he has been diagnosed by the doctors the he is suffering from histio cytosis.

Let me give you a summarize history of him.

Abu Bakr DOB is 01 Sep, 2009. Abu Bakr had a dioreha since he was of 2 months till the age of 15 months and afterward he suffered with a dandruff in his scalp which become fungus after some times. His scalp started to produce acnes which played a major part to produce a fungus over his head. Then he started to get pale day by day and till the same situation is with him so far. He has an eye very bad eye problem due to this as his lower eyelid of right eye has com and he has been diagnosed with hystio cytosis 2 days ago. I have his detailed medical reports but unfortunately I am unable to attach all of these in one go. I shall be grateful to you if you could please send me your e-mail address so I may send the same to you to examine it thoroughly and give me your valuable suggestions according to you vast experience.I need your help as my child is in so much pain so as me and my family



Hi, Asim,

The blood work is not too important in histiocytosis, a vast diagnostic arena.  There are many different forms of histiocytosis, a diagnosis made by biopsy.  In the USA, I would send any child with this diagnosis to a pediatric hospital to be cared for and have a treatment plan developed by experts.  I have only seen two patients in my experience with this diagnosis and am far from an expert in this esoteric field.  He needs to be seen by a good pediatric hematologist who has the resources of a pediatric hospital behind him/her to get the best care. Please be sure he is being seen by experts in the field.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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