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About 4 weeks ago, my 12 year old son somehow knocked the top of his foot (the boney part on top) while playing.  A bump and bruise formed.  The bruise is gone, but the area is still slightly red and the bump/knot remains.  He has no problem walking or running. But, last night he started complaining about it being sore to the touch.  Is this something to be concerned about or should I give it a little more time before seeing a doctor?  Many thanks in advance for your help!

Hi, Tracy,

No great concern.  This is probably a small calcified nodule due to the injury or possibly a ganglion cyst.  Both are benign and could go away.  If it is getting increasingly large or more painful, see your doctor.  Otherwise just follow it and at the next PE visit, mention it.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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