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Dr Olson

My daughter was seen recently for her well baby check. Her ht was 55 cm, her wt was 4.3 kg and her head circumference was 35 cm.  She was 2.5 months old. Her previous hc at 1 month was 33.5 cm.

She was born at 38 wks 6 d. I was followed for sga during pregnancy. An ultrasound at 35 weeks showed she was under 2.5 Ile for her hc.

I am concerned about the size of her head as she is below the lines on the chart and below 2 sd.

So far her dev seems to be normal and there doesn't seem to be any other concerns.

Given her overall small size would you consider this hc proportionate to ht and wt or should I be pursuing other tests.

Her soft spot is open but she has some flattening on one side of the back of her head

Thank you

Hi, Megan,

Small heads are often seen in SGA babies.  Small heads are also often seen as a familial characteristic, that really has very little meaning.  If she is developing normally and if the HC is gradually increasing, then really nothing needs to be done.  Honestly, even if it is small due to some problem, nothing can be done anyway.  It sounds like it is growing in proportion to the rest of her body.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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