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I have a 3 & a half month old boy & over the past week he has, on a couple (2) of occasions gone up to 8 hours without peeing. It seems to occur at night time, when he wakes usually does a decent pee but not a great amount like I would think after such time. On two nappy changes I had also noticed tiny urate deposits, not even the size of a peppercorn & his poos look quite "slimey" for lack of a better word. He sometimes has a slightly sunken fontanelle & semi-dry lips so I'm concerned he could be dehydrated as we have had some rather hot days ( living in Noosa, Australia).

I would greatly appreciate anything you can suggest.

Hi, Leanne,

I am not sure I could identify "urate crystals" without seeing them under a microscope.  I'm therefore not sure what you are seeing in the diapers.  Some of the highly absorbant diapers have clear, small, crystals that can leak out of the diaper and be on the surface of the diaper or on the skin.  I bet this is what you are seeing.  

Give him more fluids in you hot environment.  This should solve any issues of a mild dehydration.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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