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Pediatrics/21 month old with persistent diarrehea


My son is 21 months old, on thursday night he had diarrhea three times and vomited three times. He didnt want to eat anything in the whole day. On friday he ate and didn't have diarrhea. But on saturday he had diarrhea twice again but did not vomit. Today he has diarrhea twice again and starting to not want to eat again. What could it be?

Hi, Evelyn,

Most kids with this history will have a common viral gastroenteritis, a virus infection of the bowel, also commonly known as "stomach flu".  We usually just make sure they get plenty of fluids, restart foods quickly and they almost always get better.  If she is getting dehydrated over the next few days, then see a doctor.  Fluids alone will make her better.

Happy New Year!  Dr. Olson


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