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My son is 15 weeks old. His head is very wobbly still, and must be fully supported. He does not roll over, nor does he grasp or reach for objects. He is just now starting to look and smile at us, and shortly follow objects with his eyes, but does not turn his head towards sound. I know babies develop at there own rate, but other moms with younger look at us like he has something wrong with him. He was also 6 weeks premature, which I know can create issues. His 4 month check up is coming soon. But it just keeps eating at me that maybe he should be seen earlier.

Hi, Rachel,

Your baby is not even 4 months old chronologically.  The fact that he was 6 weeks premature would have us, as pediatricians, expect him to do things that a 2 and 1/2 month old would do.  He is doing all these things on this schedule.  He is not supposed to be doing things that a term 40 week at birth baby should be doing.  Discuss this with your doctor, but to me the 4 month routine visit seems fine.

Happy Holidays, Dr. Olson


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