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Pediatrics/Bisolvon use in 5 month old boy


Hi Dr.Olson
My son is 5 months old and he had a viral infection with low grade fever 1 week ago. The fever lasted only one day, but since then he has a runny nose and cough. Coughing at first was mostly at night probably due to post nasal drip and now is also during the day and morning. I use saline solution and nasal aspirator often, also the nebulizer but he still has cough.
His pediatrician told me not to worry because is a post viral cough, but his cough is very strong and sometimes dry.
It is really scary for me to see him reddish from coughing and not helping him. He erupted one teeth at the time of fever. He is feeding well and is very active generally. I started yesterday Bisolvon drops, 5 drops twice daily, on my doctor's advice, I want to ask if it is safe for use i this age?
Thanks a lot

Hi, Diana,

Most of us pediatricians don't recommend cold meds for this age group.  The bromhexine preparation you were told to use is generally safe, but frankly more fluids and humidity will probably do the same thing and will be absolutely safe.  I really don't recommend any cold meds under the age of 2, for they aren't real effective and can cause problems in treating a mild illness.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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