My 2 and 1/2 yr old daughter has been suffering from cough since 1 month.Peculiar thing about the cough was, she used to get it just before the sleep time and the entire duration of the cough was not more that 30 min. I consulted my pediatrician and he prescribed Asthalin syrup and Lasma tablet.After 5 days of medication also she still had the same cough so he has prescribed KidPred. After using it for 4 days cough subsided.

Now while browsing through internet I see that KidPred is a steroid.Is it safe to use KidPred? Will it have any side effects?

Secondly, after the cough has gone , she developed fever for which the pediatrician has given Meftal. After 2 days of using Meftal she had no fever and and no cough..But suddenly after 2 days she developed cough for which he has again given Asthalin and Lasma

I'm wondering if this type of cough is common or my daughters case is something which needs immediate attention?

Hi, Sudha,

Presumably your doctor feels she has asthma and/or allergies, for the salbutamol and the monolukast are asthma meds.  The oral steroids are commonly used to treat asthma that is not responding to the first two meds.  We don't use the oral salbutamol in the USA, preferring to deliver this med in an inhaled form. We also don't use Meftal in the USA, concerned about side effects and lack of effectiveness.  

If she was better and now worse and the cough is increasing, then she should be seen with the notion that she may have a secondary pneumonia, especially if the coughing is associated with breathing problems, like rapid rate and shortness of breath.

Good luck, Dr. Olson  


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