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QUESTION: About two weeks ago my daughter was sick with a runny nose and so I had her open her mouth to check out her throat because she has already had strep twice this year. I noticed a late red spot two on the right side of the too of her mouth on the soft palate. The lower spot did have a little white which looked somewhat like a blister opposed to a canker sore. I didn't really think much about it I just assumed she ate something that caused an small injury. I checked her a few days ago to see if it was gone and its still there but the white is gone. It doesn't seem to bug her at all but it bothers me. I had also pointed it out to my doctor who really didn't look very hard at it ns summed it up to inflammation. I don't think inflammation should last two weeks.what could this be? Should I be concerned? She is 3 and half years old.she has had a runny nose for awhile which we have been back and forth to the doctor bc she also has asthma. Here is a recent pic.

ANSWER: Hi, Kim,

Most spots in this location are due to viral illnesses or possibly an injury, as if one falls with something in the mouth. I would just be sure this resolves and be sure also, even if it is a bit uncomfortable for your daughter, to have the doctor look carefully.  It is quite possible to miss a small lesion in the mouth by any of us.  This is not something we see with strep.

Good luck, Dr. Olson

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QUESTION: Thank you. I did take her to the dentist today and he was sure it was inflammed. It started as two small spots now its become one large area. Is this anyway something serious like cancer or HIV? The Internet has me scared to death. The dentist said keep an eye on it and he wants to see her back in a month. Should I take her back to the doctor or just watch and wait?

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Hi, Kim,

It is very unlikely that this is anything serious.  I agree that someone should followup in a month, if there is this much concern regarding this spot.  Frankly if you can see it and it goes away, I wouldn't think a visit by a dentist or doctor is needed to confirm that it is gone.
The more I look at this, the more it looks like a mucocele, a benign cyst that we often see in the mouth.  It is a bit tough to see due to the fuzziness of the picture.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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