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Hi there,
My daughter who just turned 3 is 36.25 inches tall and weighs about 31.7 lbs. So she's near the 30th percentile for height and 60th for weight. I'm a little concerned about her weight because at 2, her BMI measured at obese! She's come down a bit now that she's 3, but I'm still worried that there's too much of a disparity between her height and weight that could predispose her to obesity. There has always been a difference of about 30 between her 2 numbers. I was always a skinny kid, and my husband and I are both thin. So I don't fully understand why she isn't the same way. Will her percentiles be 60/30 even into adulthood or do these numbers shift and change? Also, I don't know that I ate healthy enough during my pregnancy and I'm just wondering if what I ate could have programmed her body to be heavier?
I realize this sounds crazy, but as a mother, I just worry about everything!

The doctor didn't seem too concerned, but I'm just trying to understand how the numbers work and what to expect.

Thank you.

Hi, Lauren,

What will predispose her to obesity is having two or one obese parents.  If you both are not, then it is very unlikely she will be.  These numbers change and shift, depending on genetics, diet and exercise.  What you ate has nothing to do with this at all.  I would just be sure she eats a variety of food and gets a lot of exercise.  

She should be fine.  Dr. Olson


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