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Dear Sir,
I have been blessed with a baby boy on 29/08/2012. Hia vaccination details are as below
30/08/2012      BCG, Hep B, HIB
02/10/2012      Hep B (Enjerix B)
15/10/2012      Pentaxim, Rotateq and OPV
20/10/2012      Synflorix
15/11/2012      Pentaxim, Rotateq & OPV
20/11/2012      Synflorix
20/12/2012      Pentaxim, Rotateq, OPV and PREVENAR 13

My Queries:
a)Vaccination in December are done with a Doctor other than previous one.
During the the vaccination in December the Doctor told us that all the vaccines ( Pentaxim, Rotateq & OPV and Synflorix)should have been administered on the same day . By administering the vaccines with a gap of 5 days, the effectiveness of the vaccines administered 5 days back  gets reduced

If it is true, then what should I do?
- Whether I should go for revaccination of pentaxim, Rotateq & OPV again

b)As we know the proteins in Synflorix is different from that of Prevenar13
Is there any problem in switching to Prevenar  13 after two doses of Synflorix?

What should be the further schedule of PCV afterwars?


Hi, Zak,

I have no idea.  The names of these vaccines are different than in the USA.  I don't know if Synflorix is the same or different than PCV-13.  You need to discuss this with the doctor who vaccinated your child.  Sorry I can't be of more help to you,

Dr. Olson


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