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Pediatrics/2 year old sleep regression?


Hello. My almost 2 year old daughter (23 months) has been going through a major sleep regression of sorts for about the last 2 months. She goes to sleep within seconds at 7pm, sometimes 715pm and is awake at 4am, and is not going back to sleep on her own anymore. She will cry until we get her- even if that means 2 hours!! Relentless. Sometimes she will wake at 2am! If she does go back to sleep, she will wake at 530---6am seems like a distant memory. At first we thought it was teething, and maybe a few nights it has been but this is now more like a bad routine. I am reading that it seems "normal" but will it ever end?? we now take her into our bed at 4am but even that doesnt help her conk right out. She naps everyday for about 2 hours. Pleas help!

Hi, Bri,

Go back to the basics.  Be sure that her last waking memory at 7pm is not of your arms, but of her bed.  She should not fall asleep with you present.  There is nothing to think that she needs to get up a 4 at her age and the more you allow her to sleep in your bed, the more she will think that is pretty special and fun.  

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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