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Dr Olson,
I will be watching my 3 month old granddaughter in two weeks when her mom goes back to work as a teacher. She was diagnosed with reflux and receives 1 1/2 ml Zantac twice a day. She still gets up at least 3 times a night and stays up about an hour each time. During the day she sleeps about 30-60 minutes off and on all day. She is pretty fussy and I have tried all the tricks in my bag (as a mom of three); walking, rocking, singing, burping/patting but she seems difficult to satisfy. She does take formula often and I am wondering if now, would be a good time to offer her rice cereal mixed with her formula. I have been researching and found testimonials from mothers that have babies with the same problems and they seem to rave about the difference in their baby once they start giving them cereal; because the cereal helps "settle" the reflux. I gave all three of my children cereal at three months and also did so with my other three grandchildren who I babysat from 6 weeks until they started school. My question is: Will the formula/cereal mix harm my granddaughter, or do you think it will help? I am a little concerned that at my age (58) she may be more than I can physically handle and would really like her to be on a better rest/sleep schedule. Thank you so much for any advice/help you can give this poor old grandma! God bless,
Cheri D. Gray

Hi, Cheri,

Whoa!  She's pretty cute!

A standard method of helping with GERD is to thicken the formula with rice cereal, about a tsp or so in 4 oz. This would, of course with mother's blessing, be reasonable to try and won't be harmful.  I would not routinely recommend this except in someone who has reflux.   Generally most pediatricians recommend nothing but formula/breast milk from birth to 6 months, with solids sometimes started at 4 months.  

Good luck and incidentally, we are grandparents times 2 and care for both of them on our day off every week.  The highlight of the week!

Dr. Olson


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