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We are on vacation in France and before I realized it my 5 year old daughter ate 3/4 of a raw hamburger.  The outside was charred but the inside was completely raw.  Not pink, red raw.  It has only been a couple of hours and she hasn't vomited or gotten sick.  What should I do, I am completely freaked out that she will get ecoli or some serious illness!

Hi, Susan,

Most kids can eat raw hamburger and will do fine.  If she starts having repeated vomiting and diarrhea during the next few days, even that is more likely due to a viral illness, not E. coli. It can happen but is uncommon.  If she does get sick in this way, be sure to tell the doctor the history.  Really, even if she has this, it is more a watch and wait type of thing, with no real good treatment.  There is a condition called hemolytic uremic syndrome that is usually caused by a certain strain of E. coli, but again, rare.  She most likely will be fine.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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