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any endocrinologist there? i have a 4 year old boy with develop. delay, does not walk or talk, very smart, he knows all letters, numbers, shapes! follow commands . But the lasts 4 months he started regressing, on motor skills and walking! (he could walk 10-15 steps before). 4 Genetic., 3 neuro, and many others specialists but no answers!!! i just asked for his lasts labs results and here what i foundů.
Urea nitrogen (bun)  out of range: 16 H    ;reference range  3-12 mg/dl
Bun/creatinine ratio  out of range: 62 H    ;reference range  6-22 (calc)

What does it mean? i called the doctor , but they never call me back! please help!!!!

Hi, Joan,

Regression of previously obtained developmental steps should be taken seriously.  The BUN, a kidney test, if probably fine and this slight elevation probably indicates he was a bit dry on the day the testing was done.  It probably is normal for him.  Otherwise, especially if a lot of specialists have seen him and have no answer for his regression, I don't either.  Persistent developmental regression is almost never a good thing and usually, even if the cause is determined, can't be specifically treated.  

All I can say is ask your specialists if there is any other place, such as a Children's hospital in a major city, that can help.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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