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My daughter, who is now 5, has had issues with trying new foods since she was about 1. Despite occupational therapy, which made her stress even more, she's still very limited in what she will eat. We do our best to get in the food groups but she'll only eat the same things over and over again. Now that she's in school, the teachers say the other kids eat in ten minutes and they have to rush her because she'd be there all day if they let her. (We have to pack her food or she won't eat at all) I'm feeling pressure from the teachers. I also worry about her health. Her doctor seems unsure what to think. I'm wondering if she needs more occupational therapy/feeding therapy or a psychologist at this point? Please help.
(PS: she cannot stand the smell or sight of a lot of foods. when we eat, she has to sit far from us or she gags. this has gone on for years but we cannot seem to get to the bottom of it)

Hi, Kelly,

Feeding aversions are surprisingly common these days.  She needs some special help from a person, usually OT, who is trained in the treatment of such disorders.  This is a problem that a good pediatric OT who is versed in the behavioral aspects of feeding aversions can address.

See someone.  Good luck, Dr. Olson


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