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My son is 3yrs and 8months old.Right from when he is 4months old is often gets cold, cough and sometimes fever.It is cured by giving antibiotics and cough syrup. About a month back he got cold and then cough but this time it is not cured with the cough syrup.During day time the cough is adjustable but during early morning hours he wakes up coughing.His pediatrictian refered for ChestX-ray and blood test then told that he is suffering from allergy and prescribed asthalin syrup 4ml 3times,azithral-200 once and whysolone-10 twice,for 7days but it didnt change much.Now he prescribed for montelukast 4mg once, and budecort-100 2-0-2(with that spacer).But he is still coughing.sometimes I find it little less but sometimes more.His nose is also flowing with sputum after taking this recent medicines.Pl help whether this medication is proper.I want his cough should be controlled.

You have not mentioned whether he has been investigated for tuberculosis. If not he should  undergo that test also. Allergic cough can sometimes persist for some time. Do not give him too much of dairy products like  cheese, butter, ghee, curds and milk. Make sure he  gets vegetables and  fruits daily. Give honey occasionally. Encourage him to exercise daily. If he likes let him learn classical music.

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