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Hi, I've just read your advice on this concerning resistance BM and toilet training on someone elses question regarding it, my son is just gone 4 and does all of these things regularly, he exerts huge amounts of energy holing in BM even when he has a nappy on, he'll spend ages at it and due to that he'll seem to be at it every 10-20 minutes for a few hours, usually in the evening, he's having none of it when it comes to going to the toilet to let it out and wont even let it out into the nappy either, its been like this since he was 15-18 months old, I'm hugely concerned about him and his poor insides which must be under huge stress, what can I do?

Hi, Allan,

He won't be hurt permanently by any of this.  Ignore this completely.  He will learn that it is better to go and be comfortable than not to go and  be miserable.  He knows what to do.  Don't make it at all an issue, as hard and perhaps counter-intuitive as this approach may seem.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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