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My child woke up vomiting about an hour ago around 1:00 am. There were 2 rounds of vomiting about 10 min apart.  She complained of pain in the area between her stomach and chest before the 2 round of vomiting.  I have told myself that it is just stomach virus, but this morning around 11:00 am I was treating some plants with seven dust and she was riding her bike near by and I worry that this vomiting could be a result of being exposed to some of the pesticide. I treated 3 plants by sprinkling the dust on them in our driveway area and she was riding her bike around the driveway.

Hi, Cammie,

I doubt that such a brief exposure to a relatively safe product like Seven would cause difficulties.  I suspect you are right that this is a stomach virus.  Give lots of fluids and see what happens.  If things are worse, see your doctor.

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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