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Pediatrics/31 month old son not talking, not chewing food


Hello Sir, my son is 31 months old, I want to discuss two major issues regarding him-
1. He does not speak as yet, having said that i want to tell you that he is not, rather never silent, he has always been very vocal babbling, shouts, with uuhs and grunts but does not talk anything meaningful as yet. He says all syllabyls very clearly (ma, pa, na, ka, da, ta) and words like mama, papa, tau, nahi, gaye, nana and many more similar ones but does not mean anything.

the only meaningful thing he says is "I" which is addressed to his alphabet tray, he started saying "aango"  for mango and whenever I went to him with his food he used to say aango; however since the mango season has gone he does not say that anymore these days. these days he says "naaa" for banana.

at the same time, he follows and as far as i can judge understands a very lot of commands (sit on your tricycle, lets go out, get your shoes, wear your pyjamas, lets go bathe, lets clean your potty, knows where to find what thing, knows all his toys by names, takes us by our hand to get things he wants.

2. the other issue is that he does not chew, i still have to give him pureed food, he vomits if there is any even mashed food item, he does not make any effort to chew as if he does not know,
of late he observes us very closely when we move our mouths to chew and imitates the same, wants almost everything from the plate and the licks it and i feel gets a little disappointed when he is unable to eat it.

please help and guide me, have you come across other children with similar issues, what should i do??

Hi, Jyoti,

Please have him evaluated by a pediatrician who is aware of delays in development and what to do about this.  I don't have a "pat" answer for you...this evaluation needs to be done by a careful history, a careful family history, and then a good exam.  Developmental delay is something that needs to be taken seriously and there needs to be some attempt to determine what is wrong and what can be done to help him.  With his oral issues, seeing a skilled pediatric oriented OT/PT person may help.  (occupational/phyical therapy).

Good luck, Dr. Olson


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